A Marvel Avenger Revealed To Be Grandmaster's Child

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Avengers #684


The origin of Voyager, the new founding Avenger has been revealed as the Grandmaster's daughter. And just like that, the mystery surrounding her retconning of Marvel Comics history has started to make a lot more sense.

Last year, the Marvel Legacy one-shot teased that the history of the Avengers had been rewritten. A single panel showed the classic Avengers statue, with the founding members standing together. But eagle-eyed fans swiftly noted that there was something very different about this statue; a mysterious woman stood among the Avengers' number. The "Avengers: No Surrender" event has revealed that woman was Voyager, and she's been carefully woven into Avengers history.

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At first reading, it all seemed reminiscent of the Sentry - another character retroactively added into Marvel history. Voyager's uniform even shared the Sentry's yellow colorscheme. But Avengers #683 closed with a twist, as Jarvis finally awoke from his coma to declare Voyager an impostor.

There had never been an Avenger named Voyager, he told a horrified Beast and Wasp - just before Voyager disappeared, teleporting away with the last Pyramoid. Avengers #684 has finally revealed Voyager's true origin - it turns out she's actually the Grandmaster's daughter!

The issue sees Voyager lock herself in the Avengers Auxiliary Headquarters, where she reflects on her true nature. She's worked with her father for eons; he sought only the fun of the game, leaving the winnings to his daughter. This time, though, the prize is very different. En Dwi Ghast is actually competing for the right to call himself the Grandmaster, and is competing with another Elder of the Universe. With the stakes so high, his daughter has decided it's time to cheat - in favor of her own interests.

It seems that Grandmaster typically inserts his daughter into a game as a wild card. This time, he gave her the power to teleport - but not just to move through space. Voyager can "move through memories themselves," carefully and deliberately inserting herself into Earth's history. That's exactly what she's done in the comics so far, having added herself to Avengers history, leaving Earth's Mightiest Heroes convinced she was a founding member of the team.

With so many Earth-bound heroes in play, Grandmaster's opponent never questioned her presence - nor even noticed it. She was "lost in a sea of playing pieces." But now Voyager has decided it's time to become a player in the game herself. She's decided to change the rules, bringing the last pyramoid to the Avengers Auxiliary Headquarters, and drawing the Challenger's forces - the Immortal Hulk himself - after her.

The stage is set for a final, brutal confrontation, and Voyager is preparing for her endgame. How she intends to achieve her objective, and at what cost... remains a mystery.

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Avengers #684 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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