SR Pick [Video]: Avatar Wars: Humans vs. CGI Characters

Said The Joker to James Cameron: "You've changed things... Forever. There's no going back." Certainly this is true for Avatar, Cameron's fantasy/adventure epic, which is currently wowing movie audiences all over the world.

The technology Cameron invented to make Avatar a reality has advanced the quality and believability of CGI characters leaps and bounds past the limitations we knew before - but how are flesh-and-blood actors reacting to the new era of CGI?

Well, now we know the answer to that question, thanks to "Avatar Wars" a mashup video created by the guys over at Black 20 Studios.

In this hilarious mock trailer (which you'll bear witness to in a second), the actors who play the human inhabitants of planet Pandora are facing facts: they are being out-shined by their blue CGI costars, the Na'vi, while human actors in general are being overshadowed by a growing army of impressive CGI characters - Gollum from Lord of the Rings, The Incredible Hulk  - who are all 'stealing jobs from real actors.'

To win back their rightful place, the flesh-and-blood thespians gather together some of cinema's most iconic badasses - Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger - for an all-out war with the CGI characters. Check it out:

Human or CGI actors - who do you side with? It may all seem like a joke now, but as technology continues to move forward into the future, this video may turn out to be a prophetic vision of the Hollywood to come :-) .

Seriously though, that video was pretty funny (and well done), no? I loved the Star Wars-esque projection of James Cameron in the middle of the trailer as speaks about the limitless possibilities of his new CGI technology. Some out of work human actor may be sending him death threats soon...

Source: Black 20 Studios via Slash Film

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