The Division Developer Making Avatar Game For James Cameron

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With news breaking this past weekend about Avatar 2 finally getting a filming location and date set for later this year, fans are understandably excited about a return to the world James Cameron brought to the big screen back in 2009. As one of the most memorable and visually impressive films of the past decade, Avatar used a mass of new technology to bring Pandora and its inhabitants to life, clearly impressing audiences as it took $2.8 billion across the globe.

At the time, everybody wanted a slice of the Avatar pie, with the property being claimed in the video game world by Ubisoft, Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Digital Entertainment. The developers brought a game set two years before the events of the movie to fans, but it was largely panned by critics and failed to cement itself as a must-play title. Despite that, the working relationship between those companies is clearly still intact.

Ubisoft has revealed that they are partnering with Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Interactive once more to create a brand new Avatar video game for consoles and PC, set in James Cameron’s Pandora. Cameron said of the announcement:

“What impressed me about Massive were the group’s passion for this project and the power of its Snowdrop engine. I believe Ubisoft’s team at Massive Entertainment are absolutely the right partners to bring the beauty and danger of Pandora to life.”

Managing Director at Massive, David Polfeldt added:

“James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment changed the way we think about immersive storytelling with the first Avatar, and the ambition that they have for the forthcoming films and this game is really inspiring. It’s a privilege to work with them and we’re honored that they’ve entrusted us to create an experience worthy of the Avatar name.”

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Massive will of course be behind the game’s creation, following their work on Tom Clancy’s The Division - which broke multiple industry records last spring, including the record for the best-selling new game franchise in an opening weekend. The Division wasn’t without its criticism however, so all eyes will likely be on exactly how those making this game do in turning that feedback into great game results. The possibilities with the world of Pandora are promising, and if the title is being worked on closely alongside James Cameron, something special could be coming to players.

The news comes at a time when big publishers seem to be getting back into licensed material. EA are looking after Star Wars titles, while Square Enix and Sony deal with Marvel games such as the upcoming Spider-Man. Ubisoft are working on the upcoming South Park game and now, they’ll be pushing out this newly-revealed title.

We’ve got the release of the Nintendo Switch in just a few days, as well as the recent announcement that critically acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will be getting a sequel this August. Combining all of that with this new announcement, and our gamer senses are tingling. It’s certainly an exciting few months to be a gamer.

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Source: Ubisoft, Lightstorm Entertainment, Fox Interactive

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