Avatar TV Spot 3 = Fantasy Adventure For Kids?

Back August I was one of those thousands of people who packed into movie theaters for "Avatar Day", an event which provided the opportunity to see 15 minutes of footage from James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi epic in all its IMAX 3D glory.

At the time the Avatar teaser trailer had just dropped to lukewarm reception; readers were waiting for a more in-depth analysis of the film, both on a visual and plot level. After seeing the preview footage, I asserted that Avatar is going to be a great fantasy adventure, but didn't really feel like the sci-fi epic it had been touted as... Talk about opening a can a worms!

Within hours of posting that story I was being strung up by readers calling me everything from an "idiot" to a "big idiot" for (supposedly) not knowing the difference between the sci-fi and fantasy genres - "Might as well start calling apples oranges," some readers said.

Well guys, take a look at the new child-friendly TV spot for Avatar and then tell me what kind of film YOU see being marketed here:


Apples are officially starting to look like oranges! They even have "trailer voice" guy in there doing his thing! And is that Disney theme music playing in the background? :-)

Seriously though, after watching that saccirine-sweet TV spot, does Avatar seem more like Aliens or FernGully to you? Because I gotta say: I definitely got some Gully vibes watching that thing!

Now, this is NOT an attempt to say that this TV spot serves as indisputable evidence that Avatar is a kiddie fantasy film. I REPEAT: this is NOT an attempt to say that this TV spot serves as indisputable evidence that Avatar is a kiddie fantasy film - quite the contrary. Right now, for instance, our own Vic Holtreman is wondering if 20th Century Fox is in the wrong for trying to sell kids on a movie that's actually too intense for them (although not yet officially rated, the movie looks to be walking a tight PG-13 line).

What I DEFINITELY AM SAYING, is that my earlier assertion - that Avatar has many of the tell-tale hallmarks of a fantasy adventure epic - may not have been as 'idiotic' as many readers deemed it.

Oh how sweet this gig is, sometimes...

I'm completely ready to re-open this can of worms and have another fifty rounds of debate on this subject, so lets get to it. Does this latest TV Spot truly paint Avatar in a new portrait, and if so, do you think it's an accurate portrait of the film, or is Fox just trying to 'rob the cradle,' hoping for bigger returns on their risky venture?

Avatar will have to prove itself in theaters (regular and IMAX) on December 18, 2009.

Source: YouTube via Slashfilm

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