Possible Avatar Runtime & Fan-Made Trailer

We have two new items related to James Cameron's sci-fi F/X epic, Avatar. What we've seen so far from Avatar has reaffirmed that it's going to be an eye-popping cinematic experience, touting some "revolutionary" special effects (although time will tell if it lives up to the hype).

Today we have news of a possible runtime for Avatar, by way of producer John Landau, as well as a cool fan-made teaser trailer for the film.

The epic scale and ambition of Cameron's Avatar seems to suggest that the running time for the movie will be similarly huge. According to Landau, a producer on Avatar (as well as Cameron's last movie, Titanic), the runtime clocks in at "well over two and half hours." Another report on the Twitter page Film Crew T-Shirts is claiming that Avatar clocks in at 189 minutes, but as Peter Sciretta over at Slash Film reminds us, an IMAX film in 3D (which Cameron had firmly in mind when making Avatar) can only last a maximum of 160 minutes.

So does that mean the three-plus hour runtime for Avatar mentioned on that Twitter page is going to be be cut down for 3D IMAX, but possibly kept intact for regular screens? I'm fairly sure James Cameron would never allow that to happen to a film that has been more than a fourteen-year passion-project for him.

Now, I know there has been a lot of pleading, yearning and desperation from fans for an Avatar trailer to finally be released: well today Screen Rant is here to fulfill that need... sort of. What we have for you is NOT AT ALL an official trailer for Avatar, but rather a fan-made trailer, and an impressive fan-made trailer at that.

Since fan-made Avatar trailers are all we have to go on right now, I guess this will have to do. Check it out:

Although I'm pretty sure the official trailer for Avatar will be nothing like this fan-made one, I think you'll agree the trailer is very well put together. It's such a great idea to play on the idea that we call this little blue and green planet our home, and yet amongst the millions upon millions of stars out there, one, surely, must resemble Earth in some sort of way. I imagine that was one of the philosophies Cameron himself had in mind when writing Avatar. Overall, I think this trailer is a well done forgery.

What do you think about the runtime of James Cameron's Avatar possibly being over two and a half, or even three, hours long? Do you think that time will be cut down for IMAX? And what do you make of that fan-made teaser trailer?

Avatar is scheduled to be released on December 18th, 2009.

Sources: /Film and YouTube (Unable to verify original source)

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