SR Pick [Video]: Phantom Menace Reviewer Takes On Avatar

Are you familiar with the guy from Red Letter Media who ripped George Lucas a new one in the brilliantly snarky and twisted review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menance? If you haven't watched the review, go HERE right now and do so - you need to understand just what's in store for James Cameron's Avatar, the next film on this guy's chopping block.

Like his other reviews, our critic narrates in a voice reminiscent of Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb from Silence of the Lambs and he doesn't pull any punches pointing out the foibles in Cameron's fantasy epic. Story, script, visuals, acting - everything many of you haters continue to complain about are fair game. So, if you aren't a happy rider of the Avatar bandwagon, this is the validation you've been waiting for.

Now, if you're one of our regular readers, then you've surely had it out with me regarding Avatar. I enjoyed it and respect Cameron's achievement for making a groundbreaking film, while others don't necessarily feel so warm and fuzzy. I've been called everything from stubborn, to bullheaded to obnoxious to an ogre for my dogmatic stance on this movie - but to show there are no hard feelings, and that I don't take myself or my opinion too seriously :-| I'm happy to have my viewpoint slapped around by old Buffalo Bill.

Here's the two-part review for your viewing pleasure:



While there are some valid points and good insights in there, don't think this review has swayed me all that much. After all, many of the points made are the same arguments everybody has been making, and, in the end, "It's just, like, his opinion, man!" :-) .

What did you think of the Avatar review? Spot-on? Spot-off? As good as The Phantom Menace review or not so much?

Avatar is still making a box office killing in theaters (though not if you take inflation, ticket prices, ticket sales and the current position of the lunar cycle into account).

Source: Red Letter Media (hat tip to Slash Film)

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