Finally, An Interesting Picture from 'Avatar'

It's crazy to think that James Cameron hasn't directed a live action feature in almost 12 years. The man behind such iconic movies as Terminator (1&2), The Abyss, Aliens and a little seen film called Titanic, amongst others, took a decade off so that technology could catch up with his vision. Finally it did and this December we get to see the long awaited (and much anticipated) Avatar.

Well, a new still featuring a thoughtful looking Cameron on set shows what one of the films sets will look like, and as expected it looks like a million dollars. Or considering that this is a James Cameron movie it's probably more like $200 million. Cameron appears to be standing on a spaceship's bridge or in some sort of cryo-chamber.

Very little is known about the film; except that it stars Sam Worthington (who ironically stars in this summers Terminator Salvation) and Sigourney Weaver and that the storyline involves a band of humans who are pitted in a battle against a distant planet's indigenous population.

James Cameron on the set ofAvatar

Avatar is an important film on most movie fans "must see" lists this year and fingers crossed that it does not disappoint, however as this is directed by The King of the World that shouldn't be an issue.

Avatar is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2009.

Source: New York Times and SlashFilm

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