10 Couples That Hurt Avatar: The Last Airbender And Legend Of Korra (And 15 That Saved Them)

Many relationships were formed throughout Avatar, Legend of Korra, and their graphic novels. While some helped the series, others held it back.

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra created one of the most beloved and iconic animated universes. Drawing from various Asian cultures, anime art styles, and modern history, the stories follow great heroes in complicated worlds. Avatars Aang and Korra have inspired fans around the world, and so have their impressive and powerful friends.

Amidst all of this adventure, though, romance can be found, especially considering the fact that most of the main characters are teenagers when their journeys begin. With hormones raging, many of these young character are saving the world and also falling in love. With the fandom, too, relationships have been the core of a lot of conversations. Some are fan-favorites, while others are despised. Some fan pairings have also become popular. Everything became even more interesting when, in The Legend of Korra, some couples were confirmed, denied, or completely left a mystery.

Throughout these two series and their graphic novels, the relationships between the characters have evolved and shaped everything around them. Some have changed things for the best, while others have shifted things for the worst.

With that said, here are the 10 Couples That Hurt Avatar: The Last Airbender And Legend Of Korra (And 15 That Saved Them).

25 Saved: Katara and Aang

Since Avatar: The Last Airbender ended on this couple kissing, Katara and Aang have become a cornerstone of this universe. They save the world in the first series, and raised main players who appear in Korra's adventures.

Aang loved Katara from the moment he met her, and she eventually fell for his fun and determined spirit. While not always the most popular couple, they are a sweet one that fans have grown to love. Both of them are heroes who made their world better and made each other stronger by being together. As far as Avatar couples go, Aang and Katara did a lot of good for the world.

24 Hurt: Korra and Mako

When Korra met pro-bender Mako, she immediately was attracted to the stubborn firebender. The attraction even seemed to be mutual. However, things soon became complicated, as he started dating Asami and Korra had Equalists to deal with -- it was a mess.

The couple eventually got together, but it didn't take long for it all to fall apart. Despite loving one another, they decided that they weren't a good pair. The drama between Korra and Mako only complicated the relationships in their friend group and hurt people more than it made them happy. It would have been better if they never were together at all.

23 Saved: Toph and Sokka

In the original Avatar series, crushes, feelings, and relationships were boundless. Many of them didn't go far or didn't matter, but a few did. For example, Toph's feelings for Sokka had a big impact on the series.

Though the pair never were together romantically, Toph spent most of Book Three: Fire infatuated with the goofy water cheif's son. While she cared a lot about her fellow team members, as a non-bender, he treated her the most like a normal girl. However, regardless of how the relationship between them never went anywhere, it was good to see her come out of her shell as a bender and as a young woman.

22 Hurt: Roku and Ta Min

The Avatar has a tradition of being very serious and dedicated to their role. While that's heroic and expected, it's also good to see the softer side of these great mediums. Aang may be fun-loving and breezy, but the first past Avatar fans got to see a lot of was Roku. As a wise member of the Fire Nation, his relationship with Ta Min really softened him and was a reminder that all the Avatars were human and had feelings.

Furthermore, as the grandparents of Ursa, they directly led to fan-favorite character, Prince Zuko. Their pairing did great things for sympathizing with Avatars and creating the heroes fans loved.

21 Hurt: Bolin and Eska

Bolin and Eska had a frightening whirlwind relationship. They went from being interested, to dating, to fighting, to becoming betrothed, to falling in love, and then awkwardly parting ways. While in some ways this appealed to the "caught up in the moment" aspect of teenage dating, the entire scenario was all too much. There were times when Bolin was sincerely terrified of Eska and other times when he said he loved her.

There was some humor to their hurricane romance, but it mostly was just confusing and felt random. Also, after finally getting over Korra, it probably wasn't the best idea to chase after her cousin. This relationship probably would have been best left unexplored.

20 Saved: Tonraq and Senna

Korra's parents are the first set of parents of a main character we see in the series. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the closest was Toph, but her parents were severely judgmental and controlling. Everyone else had monsters for parents (Zuko) or lost one of both parents (Aang, Katara, Sokka).

Tonraq and Senna were a breath of fresh air. They were healthy, supportive parents who only encouraged Korra to be herself and fulfill her destiny. Though their daughter faced a hard life, they remained strong and did all they could to help their little girl. Deeply in love and fantastic parents, Tonraq and Senna are a model couple in the Avatar universe.

19 Hurt: Zuko and Jin

While Zuko masqueraded as Lee, there are some great things the young firebender learned. Most of all, he opened his mind to other people and nations and found his own humanity. His feelings for Jin, a young earth nation refugee, helped a lot in that.

However, his relationship with Jin had a serious flaw. The entire time they were together, he was lying about who he was. No matter how good it was for him, it was ultimately a fantasy in which he could become someone different. Jin helped Zuko become a better person, but their relationship was doomed from the start.

18 Saved: Kya and Hakoda

The Southern Water Tribes lived under constant oppression and terror from the Fire Nation. After all, the next Avatar was supposed to be a waterbender and they wanted to find them first. However, the Southern Water Tribes didn't lose their spirit, especially not Hakoda and Kya. The parents of Katara and Sokka always taught their children to be strong, brave, and help others.

Though Hakoda lost his wife to the war, he kept fighting. Together, this couple had incredible children who went on to save the world. Despite having to part early on, they did great work together.

17 Saved: Ursa and Noren/Ikem

After years spent in a horrible marriage with Fire Lord Ozai, Ursa had to escape. Though it came at the cost of her children, leaving Ozai gave her a new chance at life. She went back to the life she should have had, before the prince stole it from her. Reuniting with her childhood love Ikem, who was now known as Noren, she got to restart her life.

By the time Zuko finally found his mother again, she was happily living as Noriko with their daughter, Kiyi. They had been given new faces by the Mother of Faces, which allowed them to live new lives. Though it separated her from Zuko and Azula, it freed her from Ozai's cruelty.

16 Hurt: Korra and Bolin

When Korra first moved to Republic City, she was enamored by the pro-bending scene. Very quickly, she even became a member of a pro-bending team, the Fire Ferrets. On this team were two brothers: Mako and Bolin. Bolin became enamored with the young Avatar, but she was far more interested in his older brother, Mako.

Though Bolin's attempts were sweet and well-meaning, Korra simply wasn't interested. Much like a lot of early romance in The Legend of Korra, Korra and Bolin's short-lived date only made things more complicated and awkward for them. If only their teenage hormones were a little less headstrong.

15 Saved: Oma and Shu

Between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, there are a lot of ancient tales about the history of their world. One of the most well-known regales the creation of Omashu, a great city in the Earth Kingdom. It is said a woman named Oma and a man named Shu lived in warring villages. However, the two fell in love. As legend goes, they discovered earthbending in order to create a tunnel through a mountain to reach one another.

In a world full of wars and disharmony, the love story of Oma and Shu encourages rising above differences and finding common ground.

14 Hurt: Asami and Mako

Early on, Korra and Mako had feelings for one another but were vague and timid when it came to dealing with them. During that time, Mako met Asami Sato and fell head over heels. She was beautiful, smart, and cool. However, their relationship threw a giant wrench in his growing feelings for Korra.

Over the next few years, Mako bounced back and forth between Asami and Korra, hurting both women in the process. Though their connection with Mako eventually led Korra and Asami to each other, the heartbreak this relationship caused wasn't really worth it. They all could have been just friends from the start.

13 Saved: Bolin and Opal

Throughout The Legend of Korra, Bolin had trouble with love. He started pining after Korra, then became engaged to Eska, then he had a weird relationship with Ginger the actress. However, this lovelorn earthbender finally found stability and a love that matched his in Opal, the granddaughter of Toph.

While the other girls he liked were very intense, Opal was easygoing and thoughtful. Her airbender spirit brought him joy and levity. She found a grounded, devoted, funny boyfriend in him. Together, the couple balanced each other out. In all of The Legend of Korra's wild romances, they were a sweet, comforting pairing.

12 Saved: Sokka and Suki

Despite the entire Avatar universe being full of benders, the series does a great job of making non-benders just as vibrant and amazing. Two great examples are Sokka and Suki. Suki is a brilliant Kyoshi warrior, who is trained in protecting her island and embodying Avatar Kyoshi's strong spirit. Though Sokka starts the series brave but weak, he soon becomes a strong warrior and tactical leader.

Together, Sokka and Suki are an affectionate couple that are confident with their own strengths and personalities. They encourage one another and remind all fans that non-benders can do fantastic things, too. Moreover, they set a precedence for impressive non-bending characters.

11 Hurt: Kuvira and Baatar Jr.

In the final leg of The Legend of Korra, Kuvira is the main antagonist. Once a proud, ambitious warrior trying to do her best by her nation, she eventually becomes a power-hungry warmonger. Even worse, her main target is Avatar Korra.

When fans met Kuvira, she was engaged to Baatar Jr., Toph's eldest grandchild. However, once her mission turned self-righteous, she was willing to sacrifice the man she loved most for power. Baatar Jr. and Kuvira were a loving couple, before she lost herself in her ambitions. Later, though, their love got lost under all of the chaos. Both metalbenders deserved much, much better.

10 Saved: Pema and Tenzin

Tenzin, the youngest son of Avatar Aang, was his only child born as an airbender. This put tremendous pressure on the young man, which meant that he had to rebuild the air nation.

The person who supported him most through all of this was Pema, his non-bending wife. Even before they were together, she had full faith in him. She left her family to become an air acolyte, protecting and preserving the airbending way of life. There, she met and fell in love with Tenzin. Eventually, the pair married and had four wonderful airbending kids. Though having such a boisterous family wore on them, together they weathered all storms and only came out stronger.

9 Hurt: Toph and Kanto

Toph's daughter, Lin Beifong, is revealed early on in The Legend of Korra. However, her father remains a mystery for a long time. After awhile, fans learn Lin's father's name is Kanto. He and Toph were together for awhile, but things didn't work out -- and that's all we know.

Fans were greatly disappointed that Toph's only known reciprocated love interest was unknown. He wasn't anyone fans had ever met and they would never meet him. While Toph is a strong earthbender who doesn't need anyone, she was a favorite character and fans wanted to see her get a happy ending and fall in love. While it wasn't a total disaster, Kanto and her relationship was greatly disappointing.

8 Saved: Suyin and Baatar

Suyin is Toph's other daughter, an accomplished bender and a creator of an entire city, Zaofu. While a rebel in her youth, she became a real inspiration to other metalbenders. By her side is her husband, Baatar. He was an architect who helped build this city for the Metal Clan. Together, they built something strong for their family. Both very driven by blood ties. They had five children and are utterly devoted to them.

In a world full of heroes, warriors, Avatars, and adventure, Suyin and Baatar are a refreshing pair of homebodies. They wanted to build strong roots and did just that. It worked out that they became leaders and great parents in the process.

7 Saved: Varrick and Zhu Li

Varrick was the president of the Earth Kingdom, after Wu decided that the nation should be democratic instead of a monarchy. His assistant, Zhu Li, helped Varrick in everything he did and was fiercely loyal to him. She even feigned betrayal to help keep him safe.

Over time, the pair fell in love and Varrick named Zhu Li his equal co-president instead of his assistant. After Kuvira's forces were dispersed, they married. Though a bit of an odd couple, Varrick and Zhu Li work well together as people and as leaders. Together, they make the Earth Kingdom a better place.

6 Hurt: Yakone and His Wife

Yakone was a psychic bloodbender who wreaked havoc in Republic City before being caught, put on trial, and stripped of his bending powers. Years later, after getting a new face, he moved to the Northern Water Tribe, married, and had two sons.

Instead of using this opportunity to turn his life around, he warped his sons by telling them  that they had to avenge him and destroy the Avatar. He taught them bloodbending and encouraged them to use their powers cruelly. Though he eventually stopped when Noatak ran away, and his wife had little involvement in the teachings, their union created the monster known as Amon.

5 Saved: Kai and Jinora

Since the Avatar is 16 years old at the beginning of The Legend of Korra, all of the romantic relationships got heated quickly. They were serious, messy, and intense. The cute, crush-like relationships of Avatar: The Last Airbender seemed long gone. However, after the Harmonic Convergence, a bunch of new airbenders popped up.

One particular airbender, Kai, was a scrappy boy about Jinora's age. Quickly throughout their training, the two grew close. They gave fans that cute, young romance from previous series. Even better, the pair support and protect each other in their airbending adventures. They're an adorable and fun couple.

4 Hurt: Tenzin and Lin

When they were younger, Lin Beifong and Tenzin spent a lot of time together -- so much so, in fact, that the two fell in love. As children of the original Team Avatar, it's not surprising that it happened since their parents are so close.

However, as they grew older, their ambitions began to diverge. Lin wanted to take her mother's place as chief of police, while Tenzin wanted to focus on airbending restoration and training new airbenders. In the end, they broke up, though it hurt both of them deeply. Luckily, later they were able to be good friends, even though they weren't a good match.

3 Saved: Zuko and Mai

Despite some other flirtations, Zuko's strongest relationship was with Mai, the daughter of a powerful Fire Nation governor and his sister's childhood friend. Mai was dedicated to her independence and was never bowed to anyone else's decisions. She only wanted what was best for her people and the people she loved. As the prince and, later, the Fire Lord, her way of fearlessly challenging him was something that Zuko needed.

Though they broke up during the harmony restoration movement, the creators implied that the pair reunited later. Since Zuko is so headstrong, Mai is perfect at keeping him balanced and focused. This moody but heartfelt couple works well together.

2 Hurt: Ozai and Ursa

Ursa lived a difficult life. As the beautiful granddaughter of the previous Avatar, men all over the Fire Nation admired her. Unfortunately, even Prince Ozai himself wanted her -- and he eventually got what he wanted

This prince eventually became the ruthless, mad Fire Lord Ozai. Ursa had to endure years of marriage with him and even bore his children. She watched him warp their daughter and torture their son. With time, it all became too much to bear and Ursa disappeared. This left Zuko alone and even more vulnerable. Marrying Ozai broke Ursa in every way. Their union was the worst thing to ever happen to her.

1 Saved: Korra and Asami

Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra

This relationship for Korra was a little unexpected when it happened, but fans eventually embraced it. When the wars ended and the young Avatar went on a break, her close friend Asami came with her. However, Asami and Korra romantically held hands and decided to start seeing one another.

Over the series, the pair went through endless trials. Together, they found solace and companionship. After so much emotional turmoil and war, they decided that there wasn't anyone else they'd rather spend all their time with. Though it wasn't nearly as bombastic as Katara and Aang's final kiss, it was a proper and warm ending for Korra, who was hand-in-hand with the woman she loved.


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Fan art by Morigalaxy, Campside, and Terra7.

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