10 Funniest Avatar: The Last Airbender Memes We Can All Relate To

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a wildly popular series. So it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of memes floating around on the internet focusing on the show. With that many out there, it’s easy to find some that perfectly match our moods. And even easier to find some that we can relate to.

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The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender was so varied, we all had our favorites. Likewise, there were plenty of iconic moments and comments to latch onto. It’s no wonder the series became as big as it did. And yes, we are pretending the movie never happened.

10 Zuko Fieldtrip

Remember when this series was first airing, and it became a running joke that everybody needed an adventure with Zuko? We remember. It seemed like every character was lining up to have a little adventure with the disowned prince, and thus a whole new generation of memes was born.

This Zuko fieldtrip meme is probably the best one of the bunch, but there are others to be found out there, if this one isn’t to your liking. Personally, we love that they went with an image of Toph clinging to Zuko. She was the only one to address the elephant in the room. And nobody can really blame Toph for getting a little possessive here – she didn’t want to get left out.

9 Cactus Juice

We may not be able to directly relate with the situation Sokka is in, but we can certainly enjoy his insanity. And frankly, we all have our favorite foods or drinks that perhaps we get a little too excited about. Not that we’re comparing excitement to…whatever this is from Sokka (drunk? High? Both?)

Actually, this whole plot arc had some of the most memorable silly Sokka moments out there. Perhaps that’s why we loved it so much? It wasn’t every day that Sokka got to really let loose and have fun.

8 Animation Error

Did anybody else do a double-take when they saw Sokka eating something other than meat? And not complaining about it? Clearly, the creator of this meme was confused. And frankly, we don’t blame them there. Sokka’s obsession with meat got a little extreme at times. But it was a funny parallel to Aang’s preference for avoiding the stuff.

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Putting the blame for Sokka’s food choice on the animation staff was an interesting choice, and made it all the more clear that they’re joking. Because seriously, before this point did we ever see Sokka eat an apple without complaint?

7 Group Projects

We can all agree that group projects are the worst. Somebody always ends up doing most of the work, while a certain somebody else gets an easy grade for no effort. And then there are the groups that just don’t communicate well…

It makes total sense to consider Zuko and Sokka part of a group that doesn’t communicate well, doesn’t it? Neither is exactly strong when it comes to expressing their feelings. And both can get very loud at stating their opinions…the mix would be, well you’ve seen what it’d be like.

6 The Irony

Nothing like a meme full of good ol' irony. Oh wait, there is! An ironic meme full of references. Yes, that sounds perfect, doesn't it? We love this meme because it's combining so many elements we love into one; Avatar, Mark Hamill, Star Wars references, and irony.

This meme is pointing fun at the fact that Mark Hamill voiced the Fire Lord – a man who attacked this son, Zuko, for standing up for what is right. The irony, of course, would be because of the other roles Mark Hamill has famously portrayed. But we probably don't need to explain that bit to you. We hope.

5 The Movie

Remember how we said we were pretending the movie didn't exist? Well, we're going to acknowledge it now, but only for a moment. And only so we can appreciate the face that Sokka is making here – because boy do we sympathize with him right now.

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Now, we know that Sokka is obviously not reacting to the news of the movie...but if he had heard about it, this is the face he'd make. We just know it. How do we know it? Because that's the face all the Avatar fans made when they saw the trailer.

4 Reactions

There's a phrase famous among fantasy fans (thank you, Jim Butcher) 'what has been seen cannot be unseen.' That say applies tenfold here. There are just some things that you can't unsee. No matter how badly you wish that wasn't the case.

For example, Sokka here wishes he could forget about the fact that his best friend and sister are an item. Or how the fandom collectively likes to pretend that we don't remember the fact that a live-action movie exists – as the caption helpfully points out.

3 Cause of Alarm

This meme is a little on the long side, but frankly? It has a point. Katara ultimately did the right thing here, but she missed a slew of warning signs along the way. Warning signs, that had she paid attention to, would have helped her avoid the entire situation to begin with.

To be fair, we've all ignored warning signs. Just maybe none quite so blatant at the ones that Katara ignored here. Because really, killing plants in this manner does NOT look like the actions of a good person, no matter how you look at it. And that's not taking the rest of the warning signs into account...

2 Sneak Attack

We adore Sokka. He's adorable, goofy, and he tries really hard. But sometimes he just doesn't get the basics. Like how one should not shout when attempting to make a sneak attack – it sort of defeats the purpose.

We get where he's coming from though. Attacks are so much more fun when you get to call out or yell about them. It's just a fact. But that doesn't mean they're going to be effective. And since some of the fights Sokka was in actually made a difference for basically the whole world...well we don't need to state the rest, do we?

1 Push-Ups

Toph may be one of the smallest characters in the series, but she's certainly not the weakest. In fact, we'd argue that Toph is without a doubt one of the more badass characters out there. She invented a new form of bending, all on her own, because she had to. She fought a war and stood by her friends. And she never hesitated to say what she thought.

So yeah, we absolutely believe that she'd push the earth down, rather than herself up. That is, assuming you could talk her into doing push-ups in the first place (good luck with that).

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