Avatar Featured on 60 Minutes

There comes a point in the marketing of every major motion picture where the filmmakers and studio must elevate their project to the loftiest height of visibility, namely, the attention of old folks.

James Cameron's Avatar has certainly made an impression on the online movie geek community (that'd be us) and has certainly started to gain the attention of the general movie going public (adults and young adults). The film has even used TV spots to snag the interest of young children. But what about my grandparents? Do they know anything about Avatar?

Well, in an effort to alert my grandparents (and yours) as to Avatar's existence, James Cameron appeared on 60 Minutes last night to chat about the film - and we have video of the segment.Sorry fellow movie geeks, if you've been keeping up with Avatar since day one, then the most this segment is going to offer you is a couple of new shots to look at. Everything else is pretty much a rehash of the film's well-documented history - how Cameron has been dreaming it up for a over a decade, the new technology he used to film it, the storyline of the film, who James Cameron IS - with Cameron himself explaining it all real slow and easy so grandma and grandpa can understand clearly.

Ok, so I'm teasing 60 Minutes (sort of), but you get the idea - and, if you don't, here's the video to help ya!

There is one thing in this video that I want you loyal Screen Rant readers to pay attention to: Around the 5:43 mark, Cameron says "I've loved fantasy and science fiction since I was a kid..."

Did you hear those words? FANTASY and SCIENCE FICTION - the same two words I've been saying apply to Avatar, only to catch much flack for even suggesting such "blaspheme." However much you may want to deny it, sci-fi fans, the evidence of Avatar's fantasy influences just keeps on growing...

What'd think of the 60 Minutes segment, anything new or interesting or just an Avatar turtorial for the geriatric sector?

Will your grandparents be seeing Avatar when it hits theaters on December 18, 2009?

Source: CBS News

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