Can 'Avatar' Possibly Live Up To Its Hype?

It's no secret that the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster known as Avatar has already been built up to be the greatest innovation since the invention of celluloid. We've had praise coming out of the mouth of the director and mastermind of the project, James Cameron himself (helming his first movie since Titanic back in the late '90s), as well as from other people involved in the project - and even by fellow filmmakers (such as Ridley Scott and Steven Soderbergh).

"Revolutionary... THE sci-fi film of the century... There will be a Before and After this movie," - these are just some of the compliments that have been shoveled onto this thing. But can it really live up to such hype? There are movie fans from all over falling into both the "yea" and "nea" camps on that point.

However as the question of the potential and promises that come attached to the project continue to be pondered, those involved with it are still saying it is going to be that damn good. The latest is Cameron himself and star Sigourney Weaver - check out both video interviews below:


We have to remember that even though these are people intimately involved with Avatar, they still haven't seen the finished project. Don't get me wrong, Cameron especially (more than Weaver) would know if the technology he has practically invented to shoot the film was unlike anything people have experienced before, but at the same time even he hasn't seen the thing in it's entirety. And even if he had, also remember it's his movie - the guy who's maybe let the gargantuan success of Titanic go to his head - so of course he's going to praise and tout it to no end.

Cameron mentions, as well as praises to high heaven, one of the film's stars, Sam Worthington. From the trailers of the upcoming Terminator Salvation there's just something about him that says he's going to be a big star in the movie world in the future (ha ha, future... Terminator... get it...?) . And it's clear from that video interview that Cameron believes that even more than I do... way more.

I am fully willing to welcome anything with open arms when it comes to Avatar. I am very willing to accept that this is going to be a revolutionary piece of sci-fi filmmaking that's could set the standard for all other films of similar type to come. That doesn't mean to say it will be - it could turn out to be a horrible piece of crap, or perhaps just an "okay" movie that suffered from unrealistic hype.

One things for certain, though - if the hype that's been built up around the project thus far turns out to be entirely justified, then we are in for a real cinematic treat.

What do you make of what's been said in these video interviews? Are you willing to take all of the hype-builders at their word?

Avatar is set to be released on December 18th this year.

Source: Latino Review

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