Avatar Hits $2 Billion, Oscar Competition Gets Stronger

Open day release of Avatar on Blu-Ray breaks record

Sick of Avatar or its week-after-week success and record-breaking numbers? Well, many moviegoers certainly aren't as Avatar was again #1 at the box office this weekend, destroying Mel Gibson's return to glory. Avatar's estimated $30 million domestic draw over the weekend makes it number one for the seventh weekend in a row (7th!) and it also marks the largest 7th weekend for any movie ever.

Last weekend Avatar became the top grossing film of all time, finally passing Cameron's other film in the Titanic and if that wasn't enough, this weekend it passed the $2 billion mark, surpassing every expectation imaginable and further hammering down the predictions of those who doubted it could succeed.

This sure makes the Oscar race more interesting this year as James Cameron and Avatar won big at the Golden Globes but over the weekend, his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow took the DGA award for best picture for The Hurt Locker. Comparing numbers, The Hurt Locker only drew in $16 million world wide. That means Avatar has made more than 125x that of its competitor.

It's too bad The Hurt Locker didn't get more credit or hype while it was out. I loved the movie and I expect that if it puts up a show at the Oscars after being ignored at the Globes, it may get a re-release and some more viewers.

What do you think about Avatar's numbers and where do you think it'll be in terms of worldwide gross when it finishes its run?

There's surely more to come when Avatar hits home video.

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