Cameron Talks 'Avatar' 4-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Set & Sequel Details

James Cameron Says Post-production 3D Should Only Be Applied to Classics

Only ten days ago we told you about Fox's curious plans to release the DVD of Avatar sans special features in April. Now, James Cameron reveals some unprecedented plans for the four-disc set  that will be released in November.

Hollywood Reporter was at the press conference, where the director spoke about DVD features and a small, but informative comment on a potential Avatar sequel.

It would seem that some technology can still impress Cameron, as he has begun to indulge in Blu-ray's capabilities. For the November release, he plans to include not only the original film, but a couple of scenes that didn't make the final cut, along with artwork for scenes that were never finished.

There will also be a feature where you can watch a scene being filmed and compare it to fully rendered final product. Cameron compared it to what animated films show in their special features:

"And you're also going to be able to look at a scene and see the same scene with just the reference camera for the capture. Every scene may be what you saw in the final film, but it's just people in black leotards...That's when you really get what the process is...because you can talk about it for hours, or you can watch one scene in a picture-in-picture display and you will get it."

Much of what Cameron said was cool, but not necessarily groundbreaking. Maybe he missed the special features on the Watchmen Blu-ray, where director Zack Snyder used picture-in-picture to show a number of behind-the-scenes details and character artwork.

It will be nice to see Saldana work, though; she's far too beautiful to only be seen in blue. Hopefully she did the voice and green screen work in full Na'vi garb :-) .

In related news, Cameron commented on a potential 3D home release next year, depending on how 3D television sets sell. I tested out a 3D TV at Best Buy the other day and must say, while it impressed me technologically, I just wonder how people will respond when the glasses go on and the phone starts to ring. Too many distractions for 3D home entertainment to kick off? Anyway, that's a whole other discussion.

Cameron also had a little something to say about the process of making Avatar 2:

"The fastest we can imagine making another film is 3 to 3 1/2 years from the moment we start, and we're not planning on starting tomorrow. People will have forgotten about Avatar by the time we get a sequel done. They go, 'Oh, Avatar. That'll be cool.' It's not like Iron Man 2 coming out a year after Iron Man 1. It ain't gonna work that way."

Fair enough, you silver-haired genius. Maybe we'll stop bothering you about it for awhile, but we all know you're going to make it eventually, and hopefully it will blow the first one away. Good luck.

So, still planning on waiting for the big 4-disc Avatar DVD/Blu-ray in November, or will you cave in and get the April release? Will you get yourself a 3D television to help get Avatar 3D in your living room?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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