Avatar Trailer Premieres This August!

6,000+ were recently given a special gift during the San Diego Comic Con. They were shown 20+ minutes of footage from James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi, f/x extravaganza, AVATAR.

Now it's your turn: synchronize your chronometers for August 21, 2009, and be ready to attend a grand event involving 20th Century Fox, James Cameron and the otherworldly realm that is conveyed in this film fourteen years in the making. "Avatar Day" will provide audiences with the one-of-a-kind early opportunity to see extended footage from Avatar not only in standard format, but also in IMAX, and IMAX 3D, in select theaters around the world.

The event will also serve as the worldwide launch date for the Avatar trailer, which will be available online that same day.

The Avatar screenings will also feature video game maker Ubisoft, who will unveil the trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. Additionally, Mattel will showcase the new action figures tied to the film - an up-close and personal look at the characters from Avatar and the blue, cat-like Na'vi, who are unlike anything we've seen previously.

I've followed James Cameron's career since the very first Terminator film and have always enjoyed the lengths and zeal Cameron goes to, not only in telling the stories he cradles from concept to life, but ensuring the pinnacle of actual VISUAL PRESENTATION.

There are few people involved in filmmaking that are as dedicated to the craft and execution of "finding a way" as Cameron and I for one (of millions) cannot wait to see firsthand how he's going to pull another cinematic rabbit, 14+ years in the making, out of his hat.

Set your calender: "Avatar Day" is August 21, 2009. Check with your local theater for info on the screenings.

AVATAR opens in theaters everywhere December 18, 2009.

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