Recent Avatar Concept Art, Isn't

I know that here at Screen Rant we're sometimes behind the times when it comes to reporting movie news - we just don't have the staff and the time that other sites do... but we do our best. I've said before and I'll say it again: Sometimes that is a benefit to the site and to readers.

Case in point: Early yesterday (Novmber 21st) (a site run by a nice fellow with a big passion for 3D movies) broke a story containing what was supposed to be concept art for the main alien (Na'vi) in James Cameron's upcoming 3D CGI/live action magnum opus: Avatar.

Of course other movie sites soon picked up on this pretty quick since the security on Avatar seems to be as tight as Fort Knox, and movie sites and their readers are hungry for any info they can get on this film. So soon there were images of this concept art all over the web.

Now let's be clear: I am NOT slamming other movie sites - If I'd had the time or one of my writers had chosen to pick up this story it would have appeared here as well. We've posted artwork that was supposed to be from the movie here before ourselves.

See, there was one little problem with the artwork: It had nothing to do with Cameron's film.

Thanks to Brad at we now know that the the source of the images is actually Jonay Bacallado. The images came from his personal portfolio website where he now has the following message on his homepage:


In order to prevent further rumours, the personal artwork that have appeared in some blogs and websites has been removed.

These drawing have nothing to do with the actual concept art developed for the movie, but because of the impact on the internet, and all the speculation, I want to state that ALL THE ARTWORK those webs and blogs claim to be original, are just part of my personal portfolio, NOT "AVATAR" DESIGNS.

Hope this will end all the unsense and absurd comments I've seen on the net.

Remember that none of the artwork shown in this website can be used without my consent.

So there you have it.

Thanks again to for alerting everyone to this. Head over there for more details and a copy of the email he received from the artist.

Avatar is scheduled to open December 18, 2009.

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