Avatar Breaks Opening Day Blu-Ray Sales Record

Open day release of Avatar on Blu-Ray breaks record

If you were a fan of James Cameron's mega-blockbuster, Avatar (and live in the U.S.), chances are you went out and snagged yourself a copy of  Avatar on DVD or Blu-ray when it was released yesterday. If you did, then you were just one of many, as the sales of the Blu-ray in particular are quite staggering.

From 20th Century Fox comes the news that first day sales of Avatar on Blu-ray came in at 1.5 million units, beating out the previous record of 600,000 set by The Dark Knight. Just think about that for a second - The Dark Knight was one of the most psychotically popular movies we've ever seen and the amount of people who bought it first day on Blu-ray was quite amazing. But along comes Avatar and trumps Batman by more than DOUBLE that amount.

Just shows you how much the visuals of the movie amazed people.

Retailers sold out about 60% of their Blu-ray stock on the first day of Avatar's Home Video release, while they sold about 50% of their DVDs. Fox is expecting to sell at least 4 million units (combining both Blu-ray and DVD) when all is said and done. If it does (which I expect it will) then it will surpass The Twilight Saga: New Moon as the year's biggest home video debut.

Avatar Blu-ray sales record

What you probably will have noticed if you either bought or thought about buying Avatar on either Blu-ray or DVD is the fact that it comes without any special features. This bare bones approach is something that has annoyed me and I'm sure many other people for a long time. What makes it even more irritating is that with a movie like Avatar I want to see how the movie got made just as much as I want to re-watch the actual movie itself.

I guess everyone wanting to see behind-the-scenes featurettes and so forth will have to wait for the already planned four-disc ultimate edition due out this November. So my advice is if you don't want to pay twice for the same movie, then hold on to your hard-earned cash for that full release.

When Avatar started to creep into the front row of things quite late last year, did anyone expect it to end up being as successful as it has been (besides here at SR, I mean)? Personally, I expected it to struggle past $500 million worldwide, but it flew past the one billion mark in just 17 days! The box office amount came to a halt at just over the $2.7 billion mark and it will only continue to make more money now that it's been unleashed onto the home market.

avatar blu-ray box art

Where can James Cameron possibly go from here?

Are you surprised to see Avatar break the opening day record for Blu-ray? Were you one of the people who didn't expect the movie to do all that well - or did you know all along it would be a juggernaut success? (Be honest! :P )

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