New Avatar Artwork And Images Revealed

In comparison to the recent unveiling of the first Avatar trailer (and the fan debate that ensued), anything other than a second trailer might not be considered a big deal. But nonetheless, until a second trailer gets released (which I don't think will be all that soon), we have the various other images and posters from Avatar to tide us over. The latest comes to us courtesy of the new issue of Empire magazine, which has some new pics/artwork of James Cameron's latest on its cover, as well as on a special fold-out section.

We first got a look at the blue Na'Vi creatures that inhabit Avatar's "other world," Pandora, at the start of last month during Comic-Con, and then about a month later in the form of a couple of posters. They just showed off  half-face close-up views of Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana respectively as their Na'Vi characters, which hinted at "the bigger picture" of the film. Most of the latest Avatar images from Empire basically just show off the blue Na'Vi in full view. You'll need to buy the actual new issue of Empire to see all of the images, as well as the cool fold-out section, but take a look below at the cover (apologies for small size) and one of the new images showing off Cameron doing his thing:



(Click second image for larger version)

In the debate surrounding the recent first trailer for Avatar, I am on the positive side. A lot of people were disappointed by it (a by-product of the hype that's built up around the movie), but I found the visuals really quite stunning, particularly the huge, fantastical environments. Even if the Na'Vi creatures did look a but more cartoony than was hoped (at least at this stage), I still think that when we get to the film's release, seeing it on the big-screen (particularly in 3D/IMAX) will make for a highly memorable and stunning cinematic experience.

What do you make of the latest Avatar artwork/pics that Empire has snagged?

Avatar hits 3D and regular theaters on December 18th, 2009.

Source: Empire

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