Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

Avatar 2 will not be all underwater

Whenever a new movie becomes a worldwide phenomenon, there is inevitable talk of a sequel. To me, James Cameron's Avatar was a nice, succinct, Disney-style fable about the evils of greed and Colonialism -  a story that doesn't necessarily need a follow-up.

However, since Cameron himself let it be known early on that there is an Avatar 2 (and 3?) in the cards should the box office receipts warrant it (and suffice to say they do at this point), it's only fair that we should jump into the pool of speculation about what the Avatar sequels will - and perhaps should - be about.

Our good friends over at Slash Film have done some busy work over the holiday, compiling tidbits of info to share about what is known or rumored about an Avatar sequel at this point:

The Avatar Trilogy

Just in case you haven't heard, Cameron definitely has an Avatar trilogy in mind. With the movie out and big money coming in, that Avatar trilogy has pretty much been confirmed. As has been pointed out by our own Rob Keyes (and others), since Cameron has already made it over the major hurdle of making Avatar (developing the technology), any sequels should be easier (and quicker) to realize.

All that's left, really, is for 20th Century Fox to set a date...

Leaving planet Pandora

Slash Film points us to an interview with The LA Times Hero Complex and James Cameron, which was conducted following Avatar's opening. The interviewer points out that Pandora isn't the only orbital body circling the giant gas planet of "Polyphemus" (Cameron really has fleshed out his fantasy universe pretty thoroughly); Cameron responds by stating that in subsequent Avatar films we may get a chance to explore those other moons and find out what mysteries they hold.

You can watch the video of Cameron discussing all that by going HERE.

Now, before you get too into this notion of an Avatar sequel and/or trilogy, be sure to save at least a few of your great ideas - because you know we here at Screen Rant will have an Avatar 2 plot discussion post to share with you soon. It's pretty much what we do ;-) .

Avatar is currently showing in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX theaters everywhere (as if you didn't know).

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