Avatar 2 Begins Filming in the Fall of 2017

Avatar Zoe Saldana And Sam Worthington

Eight years after release of the worldwide blockbuster Avatar, James Cameron is officially returning to Pandora. And while the sequels to James Cameron's epic blockbuster have been delayed time and again, Sigourney Weaver suggests that filming on Avatar 2 is set to begin in the fall of 2017.

It's been a long wait, but Cameron, who has four sequels slated to follow up his Best Picture Oscar nominated film, has been submerged in the planning and development process. And while fans received disappointing news last month from the writer-director that the sequel was going to miss its planned 2018 release date, they can now enjoy some much more encouraging news.

According to THR, Weaver says filming on Avatar 2 is a go for later this year, confirming a production report that surfaced in February. Weaver says:

“We’re starting! We’re starting training, and we’re starting — hmm, I probably can’t say anything. We will be actually shooting it by the fall.”

Sigourney Weaver in Avatar

It's no wonder that it's taken Cameron eight years to develop the sequels. He's a meticulous filmmaker who pushes the boundaries of storytelling and ever-advancing technology with every one of his films, and Weaver says that's why being a part of Avatar 2 is so exciting:

“I’m telling you, these scripts are so amazing, I’m not worried about [disappointing fans] at all. Am I worried about how we’re going to bring them to life? Yes, because they’re so ambitious. They’re so worth it. They're well worth waiting for. I’m not worried about that at all. We’re trying to get it done as quickly as possible.”

Cameron has previously said that he has already written all four scripts for his Avatar sequels, and said in December that the films would be shot in "one big production" with Weaver, Sam Worthington, and Zoe Saldana all returning from the original. With the first sequel's 2018 release date already delayed, it's quite likely the original plan of releasing the remaining sequels will be pushed back from their respective 2020, 2022 and 2023 release dates as well.

No matter when the Avatar films arrive, fans are bound to be treated to something spectacular. Of course, this isn't the first time he's been in the hot seat. He took a huge risk with the release of the 3 hour and 15 minute-long Titanic, and not only did the disaster epic become the highest grossing film of all time, it won 11 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director for the innovative filmmaker.

Two decades later – and seven after the first Avatar pushed Titanic out of all-time top grossing movie slot with $2.8 billion globally – Cameron has earned the right to make his films on his own terms, and those terms usually result in a big payoff for moviegoers.

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Source: THR

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