Avatar Trailer To Premiere Online A Day Early

A few days ago we reported on the details of "Avatar Day," which is an event kicking off worldwide on August 21st that will allow people to see 16 minutes of James Cameron's Avatar in 3D IMAX for free.

On the same day as this rather bold marketing move, the first ever trailer for Avatar was going to be released, presumably both in theaters and online. However, with regards to at least the latter, it looks like we might be getting a look a day earlier than we thought.

Over at the Apple trailers website, they have a logo/banner advertising the arrival of the Avatar trailer that is counting down the days, hours and minutes. As I'm typing this, it's currently sitting at approximately 2 days and 18-plus hours to go, which indicates the trailer will appear online on Thursday, August 20th @ 7:00am, as opposed to the previously announced Friday, August 21st.

It may not seem like that much of a big deal that they're debuting the trailer a day earlier than they said they would. But when you think about it, it kind of undermines "Avatar Day," if only slightly. That is supposed to be the public's first real look (we already saw the first still from the film very recently, shown the above) at Cameron's first movie since Titanic twelve years ago, and yet everyone (those planning on attending Avatar Day included) will get a look in advance. Not absolutely earth-shattering but something to note nonetheless.

Just as a reminder, the tickets for Avatar Day are set to become available today at Noon (PST), so those of you dying to be one of the folks who get to sit and enjoy the preview will need to be logged onto the official Avatar website, with mouse-clicking finger at the ready to snag a ticket. I'm really curious to see how much demand there is for the event - will people scramble like crazy, both because it's Avatar and a FREE event? Or will people, as many of the comments on Screen Rant have indicated, just wait for the actual movie to come out? I'm certainly in the latter camp.

Be sure to keep your eye out for the Avatar trailer here on Screen Rant come Thursday, but for now we just have to wait for the clock to count all the way down.

What do you think of them premiering the trailer a day earlier than they said they would?

Avatar hits 3D and regular theaters on December 18th, 2009.

Sources: Apple and ComingSoon

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