Autobot Showcase Video… But Where’s Ratchet?

The folks over at Jalopnik, the car information website, have posted a video showing “never-seen-before sneak-peek footage from Transformers 2” as well as a large gallery of images for the concept Corvette Stingray (Sideswipe), An even newer Camaro (Bumblebee) and the new Chevy Trax (Mudflap).

The video is basically a showcase for the Autobot vehicles of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with an obvious focus on the new GM vehicles featured in the film as it is essentially an advertisement video. There’s not much new in the video itself – I personally just like watching it for that epic music that starts playing half-way through while a convoy of all the Autobots driving together… all of the Autobots minus Ratchet, that is.

On that note, what I’d really like to talk about is the noticeable absence of Ratchet in this video and in many of the behind-the-scenes set photos that have popped up online over the last few months. This is something I thought about a while ago wanted to talk about earlier but couldn’t find the right time to do so – until this video at

Ratchet, the loyal medic of the Autobots took the vehicular form of an emergency response Hummer H2 in the Michael Bay’s first live action Transformers film. While he didn’t get much screen time (arguably, none of the Transformers did), he did manage to become one of my two favorite characters along with Ironhide.

In the final act of the Transformers movie, I really became attached to the character with his fearlessness in charging and attacking the inappropriately named Devastator (the giant Decepticon tank who should have been called Brawl) as well as how he and Ironhide defended Shia Labeouf’s character, Sam Witwicky while he ran to get to the building for helicopter pickup. I even loved his machine gun weapon which only showed up for a split second in the movie.

Back to the point, what does his absence in much of the material we’ve seen for the movie all mean? Could he be the (or one of the) good guy(s) to not live through this movie? Or is he simply behind the scenes doing something else as a support character?

We can’t really expect all of the characters to live through encounters with the insanely huge Devastator or the aliens-esque title character, The Fallen (Both of whose images were revealed yesterday and can be seen here). There was already one casualty with Jazz being torn in half in the first film so there’s likely to be a few more with this film – I just hope Ratchet isn’t one of them. He deserves a big presence in this film with the lack of screen time he received in the first.

The full trailer debuts tomorrow night attached as a preview to Friday the 13th and we’ll have it up on Screen Rant as soon as it is available online. If you’re craving more Transformers stuff in the meantime, check out this 5 minute interview with Michael Bay discussing the movie and hinting at a third as well as the first official teaser trailer for the film.

What do you think of the new Autobot team and Ratchet’s absence?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 26, 2009.

Source: Jalopnik

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