Articles by Scout Tafoya

15 Sexiest Movies Streaming On Netflix

Look in the right corners of your queue and Netflix starts to look pretty steamy. You may come for House of Cards, but you stay for some of these...

15 Best Horror Movies of 2015

Some of these aren’t necessarily traditional horror, but they’re bound to creep into your nightmares one way or another.

12 Movies That Inspired The Hunger Games

Hunger Games wasn't the first film to imagine a country controlled by aristocrats who like watching impoverished children hunt each other for sport...

10 Best Movies Based On TV Series

TV shows frequently bring out the best from movie directors because creators want to go bigger, to paint on a larger canvas...

11 Worst Remakes of Horror Movies

Remakes have been so ubiquitous that joking about them no longer seems funny. Here are 11 horror remakes that will make you roll your eyes.

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