Articles by Jennifer Stasak

Doctor Who and Sherlock

12 TV Crossovers We'd Love to See

With more and more television shows crossing over with each other, we've come up with twelve different crossover events that we would love to see happen!

Jesse and Rebecca Full House - Best TV Weddings

15 Best TV Weddings of All Time

TV weddings are often considered to be just as valuable, emotional, and iconic as the ones that we attend in our real lives. So we take a look at some of television's best fictional weddings!

Barney and Robin How I Met Your Mother - TV Couples That Shouldn't Have Worked

10 TV Romances That Shouldn't Have Worked, But Did!

We list ten television couples who are a bit unlikely (or at least would elicit a double-take from passersby in real life) but whose relationships actually worked really well on their respective television shows, and were even embraced!