Rodolfo Salas

Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Salas was born on September 7th, 1990 in Brownsville, Texas. His childhood was spent in a hundred-year-old house that stood in poverty. His family and wild imagination allowed him to escape from his impoverished upbringing. As his family encouraged his creativity and studious attitude, he managed to obtain a four-year scholarship to Saint Joseph Academy. The college prep school molded Rudy’s ambition towards his goals of attending film school. His impoverished upbringing established a humility within him. Taking anything for granted was the ultimate sin for him. The foundation of his creativity in film was established through his uncle’s taste in movies. As his social and academic knowledge grew, his appreciation for film as an art form bubbled to the surface. This newfound perspective and creative foundation led to his decision to major in Film at the University of Texas-Pan American. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Film as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English. His double majoring allowed him to understand the degree of storytelling through written word and film frame. Since the age of twelve, he always wanted to attend the University of Southern California. He was successful in obtaining his MFA from USC's School of Cinematic Arts in 2019. However, he must continue to press forward.