Michael Edward Taylor

Michael Taylor is a regular Screen Rant contributor based in Austin, TX. He’s also written for a variety of other sites including Cracked, Itcher Magazine, Urbo, Fashion Beans, Examiner, and his own blog, Smells Like Infinite Sadness. In addition to writing pop culture lists, reviews and retrospectives, he’s interviewed a host of celebrities including director John Carpenter, Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Joel Hodgmen, and rocker Glenn Danzig. He’s also covered a variety of events including Fantastic Fest, Housecore Horror Fest and Wizard World Austin. He’s obsessed with all things Batman, Twilight Zone, Blade Runner, MST3K, Alfred Hitchcock, and Twin Peaks, and watches (and writes about) as many cult classic horror movies and binge-worthy TV shows as time allows. You can follow him on Twitter at @smellslikesad, or email him at smellslikesad(at)gmail(dot)com


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