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Chuck season 5 renewal
TV News

'Chuck' Closes In On Season 5 Renewal

Fan favorite spy spoof 'Chuck' is sneaking closer to a fifth season renewal. The new season is currently set for 13 episodes, and could include significant budget cuts.

mos def dexter season 6
TV News

'Dexter' Season 6 Casts Rapper Mos Def

Actor and rapper Mos Def will join the cast of 'Dexter' for its highly anticipated sixth season. He'll play an ex-convict turned Man of God - with a dark secret, of course.

House renewed for Season 8
TV News

Fox Officially Renews 'House' For Season 8

Diagnosis: renewed. After flirting with a summer production deadline, Fox and NBC universal have finally reached an agreement on blockbuster 'House'. The series has been renewed for one season.

The cast of Fox's Bones
TV News

Fox Renews 'Bones' For Season 7

Fox's popular whodunit 'Bones' is safe for another year, but star Emily Deschanel's pregnancy could still throw a wrench in the works for Season 7.

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