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Screen Rant's review of Starz' 'Boss' premiere
TV Reviews

'Boss' Series Premiere Review

Can Starz' latest original series, 'Boss', rely on Kelsey Grammer's acting skill to sell a political thriller? Read our review of the pilot to find out.

AMC's wester Hell on Wheels gets a production and character featurette
TV News

'Hell On Wheels' Featurette: AMC's Western Makes Tracks

AMC is leading a pack of westerns slated for cable and broadcast TV in the next year with 'Hell on Wheels'. The Reconstruction-era railroad drama took a huge amount of on-site filming, and a new featurette shows off the sets and characters.

Screen Rant reviews Showtime's Homeland
TV Reviews

'Homeland' Series Premiere Review & Discussion

Showtime premieres its newest drama 'Homeland' tonight. Should you tune in for the story of an American POW possibly turned double agent and the CIA analyst out to pin him? Read our review and decide for yourself.

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