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'Ant-Man' Spoilers Discussion

If you want to discuss 'Ant-Man' movie spoilers and connections to future MCU films like 'Captain America 3', this is the place!

'Ant-Man' Review

Though being a formulaic Marvel superhero origin tale, Ant-Man gets a boost from a good ensemble cast and an overall tone of fun and creativity from director Peyton Reed.

Ant-Man (Final UK Trailer)

The final 'Ant-Man' UK trailer pays homage to 'The Avengers' while also showcasing the hero's origin story adventure.

London Has Fallen (Teaser Trailer)

The 'London Has Fallen' teaser trailer shows Gerard Butler's special ops agent caught up in yet another horrific terrorist attack.

'Ted 2' Review

Though crafted with a more mature hand, 'Ted 2' feels episodic rather than reinventive, and is ultimately just more of the same.

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