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American Sniper (movie Reviews) starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller

'American Sniper' Review

'American Sniper' may not be the strongest biopic in the genre, but it is on par with other acclaimed military action-thrillers like Black Hawk Down or The Hurt Locker.

Blackhat movie reviews (2015) starring Chris Hemsworth

'Blackhat' Review

'Blackhat' is a boring and visually-disappointing entry from Michael Mann, and a film perfectly suited for the January dumping ground.

Get Hard Trailer 2 (movie) starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell
Movie Trailers

Get Hard (Trailer #2)

'Get Hard' Trailer 2 shows us more about the characters played by Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, as well as the comedic hijinks they get themselves into.

Selma trailer and poster

'Selma' Review

'Selma' manages to beautifully articulate a pivotal moment in history - one that is hauntingly ironic in how it echoes our current times and society.

Chappie Trailer #2 (movie 2015)
Movie Trailers

Chappie (Trailer #2)

'Chappie' Trailer #2 puts a more epic spin on Neil Blomkamp's latest sci-fi parable about an A.I. who goes from being a child to a hero and protector.

Inherent Vice (movie film reviews) starring Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin and Reese Witherspoon

'Inherent Vice' Review

While the film will have very limited appeal for casual moviegoers, 'Inherent Vice' is great genre entertainment for intellectual and/or cinephile types.

Demonic Movie Trailer (2015)
Movie Trailers


The 'Demonic' movie trailer features a group of would be ghost hunters being hunted by ghosts. #JobFAIL

2015 Winter Movie Preview
Movie News

Winter Movie Preview 2015

Our Winter Movie Preview 2015 takes a look at the list of slim pickings coming in Jan - Feb, before the real gems of 2015 start to appear.

The Gambler movie reviews (2014) Mark Wahlberg

'The Gambler' Review

'The Gambler' is pretty much a misfire of concept - even if it makes the admirable move of going for a different thematic angle on the original material.

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