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Magic Mike XXL Official Poster Header
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Magic Mike XXL

The 'Magic Mike XXL' trailer loses the drama and focuses on what people want: more shirtless gyrating from Channing Tatum and friends.

A Most Violent Year (Reviews) starring Oscar Isaac Jessica Chastain David Oyelowo Albert Brooks

'A Most Violent Year' Review

A Most Violent Year is not the next great mob movie it's been advertised as; it's a thoughtful character drama with a solid cast - no more, no less.

Avengers 2 TV Spot 1
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Avengers 2 (TV Spot)

The 'Avengers 2' TV Spot basically recycles footage seen in both 'Age of Ultron' trailers - and we're okay with that lack of spoilers.

Strange Magic Movie Reviews (2015)

'Strange Magic' Review

Strange Magic may be a pretty picture that the kids can sing along to, but within the larger spectrum of animated features it is pretty forgettable.

Sean Penn in The Gunman (Most Anticipated Movie of 2015)
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The Gunman

'The Gunman' trailer has Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Idris Elba playing action/espionage games, in the new film from Pierre Morel, director of 'Taken.'

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