Jonathan Meschutt

Jonathan Meschutt is a writer based in Upstate New York. He's had every job you could think of, including garbage man, dishwasher, administrative assistant, catering cook, and a dozen more, but now works as a list writer for Valnet Inc, and is covering entertainment topics for Screen Rant. He has a B.S. Mass Communication degree, focused on Film (see what he did there?) and has spent the past three years as the writing assistant to an Emmy nominated television screenwriter.



MCU: The 10 Best Phase 3 Fights

Phase 3 of the Infinity Saga, given to us by the MCU, had some super tense moments, some heart-breaking scenes, and some utterly awesome fights.


MCU: 10 Best Phase 2 Fights

With a long wait in front of us, let's take a look back at some of our favorite moments of the middle phase of MCU's 23-film powerhouse, Phase 2!


MCU: 10 Best Phase 1 Fights

When it comes to the MCU movies, we want to see the heroes and villains duke it out. And so, we've now ranked the 10 best fights in Phase 1.

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