Articles by Jason Tabrys

'Marry Me' Series Premiere Review

Ken Marino and Casey Wilson navigate through a disastrous proposal to keep their love alive in the series premiere of 'Marry Me'.

'Extant' Season 1 Finale Review

Molly and Ethan separately risk everything while the alien spores try to engineer their invasion in the 'Extant' season 1 finale: ‘Ascension'.

'Extant': The Protector

Katie Sparks wreaks havoc in space and Molly takes on a new purpose after meeting her alien child in ‘Extant’ season 1, episode 12: ‘Before the Blood’.

'Extant': Secrets and Revelations

Yasumoto reveals his secret to Molly and Odin sets his plan of attack against Ethan in motion in ‘Extant’ season 1, episode 11: 'A New World’.

'The League' Season 6 Premiere Review

A member of the fantasy football league dies and the group behaves badly at the funeral in the season 6 premiere of ‘The League’: ‘Sitting Shiva.'

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