Corey Hutchinson

Corey Hutchinson is a writer/editor based out of Brooklyn, New York. A longtime Screen Rant reader before applying to work for the site, he's now been with SR for over two years.

Corey attended The New School in Manhattan after a 4-year drinking stint at SUNY Cortland. His weaknesses include comic book movies, pepperoni/mushroom pizza, and puppies. His strengths are questionable at best, though it’s rumored that he’s pretty decent at following Bob Ross tutorials. He’s well versed in classic American sports, supporting the 49ers, Yankees, Bulls, and the NY Rangers.

Corey’s career aspirations include commanding a Transformer to battle intergallactic space robots, fighting crime and injustice as a masked vigilante, and completing a bachelor-friendly cookbook utilizing dino nuggets, bbq sauce, cheddar Goldfish, and boxed mac & cheese as the main ingredients.

Also, he knows more about Batman than you.


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