Carolyn Poddig

Carolyn Poddig is a regular screenrant contributor, an amateur film critic, and first (and foremost) a fan who is lucky enough to live in Southern California in a nexus of conventions, theme parks, and pop culture. Their work can also be found at @TheMarvelReport where they are a senior staff writer. Carolyn's biggest claim to fame is beating out Joss Whedon for most consecutive SDCCs attended having missed only 2 years in their 30 years of existence. Additional credits include first hand television experience on Terriers and the made for television film See Arnold Run. After years of studying film, theater, creative writing, they're finally putting years of collected skills to work. In their spare time, Carolyn is passionate about activism, everything Disney, running marathons, horror Films, fan activities and telling stories. You can follow Carolyn at @CarolynsGeekOut on twitter


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