Bri Thomas

From a tiny Texas town of 300, I made my way to the University of Texas at Austin to study journalism, which spurred me on to write for publications like New York’s Resident Magazine, Austin Home and Us Weekly and to cover events such as South by Southwest, Austin Film Festival and New York Fashion Week. Now, I have my own brand, and I'm able to create social media posts, press releases, news pitches and more. When I'm not writing, I'm probably playing with my cat, vacationing with my family or watching Netflix with my husband.



10 TV Siblings, Ranked 

Family comes first for these TV siblings, whether they be as kids or as adults. They may not get along all the time, but they support each other.


10 Old Christmas Movies To Watch 

Christmas is in the air and now it's the time to bust out some old holiday movies that you may not have seen like White Christmas and Holiday Inn.

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