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I write for Screen Rant and CBR. I'm a comedian and my favourite colour is orange.



The Ultimate Jungle Book Gift Guide

Fans of the Disney movie classic The Jungle Book need to check out this gift guide for the best t-shirts, Funko pops and mugs of Mowgli and friends.


The Ultimate Lost Gift Guide

The finale of Lost still has fans fuming, the fans are still passionate. While their TV show is done, send them a lifeline with this gift guide!


The Ultimate '90s TV Gift Guide

X-Files, Friends and more are all 90s TV icons. For fans of those shows and more, pick up a t-shirt, mug or more from this gift guide!


The Ultimate James Bond Gift Guide

An icon of cinema, the James Bond movies are some of the most influential action films ever. For fans of the super spy, check out this gift guide!


The 10 Best Dice Games, Ranked

Dice games are becoming popular for their pick up and play nature and fun social aspects. Here, we're ranking the 10 best dice games.

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