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Anna Dodd

Anna Dodd started writing just about anything for Screen Rant in March of 2017, but soon realized her preferred list topics were celebrity gossip, anything related to Harry Potter, and exposing the scumbags of Hollywood. She's also an avid fan of Riverdale and enjoys to theorize in depth on the identity of the Black Hood. When not writing lists for Screen Rant, you can find Anna editing for a university newspaper in Canada and planning dream trips for her clients at the travel agency Flight Centre. Anna has a ~very~ useful degree in political science, and enjoys studying how politics and pop culture are inextricably linked. She has written for a variety of tourism websites, the European Commission, and the Martlet newspaper. You can learn more about Anna's work on her LinkedIn or by visiting her #travelinspo Insta page. Stay tuned for her blog - coming soon!

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