15Elizabeth Hurley

As Vanessa Kensington, the daughter of Austin Powers’ 1960s love interest and his new pursuit in the modern day, Elizabeth Hurley leapt from British television and small parts in American film to a genuine movie star. Her first role after Austin Powers was a dramatic turn in Permanent Midnight, which

also displayed comedian Ben Stiller’s dramatic skills.

She was only able to return for a cameo in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999 because it was a busy year for her. She starred in two comedy films, EdTV and My Favorite Martian. She made a trend of moving back and forth between drama and comedy, going from The Weight of Water to Bedazzled to Method.

Recently she has found success on television. She did a season-long arc on Gossip Girl and a recurring part on the short-lived The Tomorrow People. However, her biggest success came when E! Entertainment Television got into the scripted drama game with The Royals, in which Hurley plays the Queen of a fictitious monarchy.

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