Is Austin Powers 4 On Its Way?

It really didn't surprise me when I learned that Mike Myers and co-writer Mike McCullers were officially working on the script for a 4th Austin Powers movie. Why no surprise?  Because, after a five year absence from live-action movies, in which he made two Shrek films, Myers returned with the big bomb: The Love Guru.

What else could Myers do, to regain his popularity? Wayne's World 3? Nope, despite his and Garth's (Dana Carvey) appearance at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. It's been 15 years since the crappy sequel (I saw both in the theater, when I was in high school: Part 1, yeah!; Part 2, bleh!).

So why not dust off Austin Powers and do the 4th film everyone was talking about in 2002, when Goldmember opened?  Apparently, the film is going to focus on Dr. Evil's relationship with his son. Again? Really? Didn't they beat that dead horse into the ground?  And didn't we meet Austin's Dad in Goldmember, too?

The problem is what about Myer's career?  Being out of the live-action limelight seemed to hurt his career a bit, though friends who actually sat through The Love Guru told me it was horribly rotten (or was it rottenly horrible?) so that only made things worse.  I don't think we'll see Austin Powers 4 before 2010, but no doubt  director Jay Roach, of all three previous films, will return.

I liked the first and third movie; I actually saw the first one opening day, early May 1997.  Not a lot of people in the theater, but it was a home video and DVD hit.  Part 2 was meh.  So maybe part 4 will be fun?  Maybe if this was 2-3 years ago...

Bit of trivia: Did you know that Myers had the "Love Guru" in Austin Powers' original script, but cut it? According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Paramount (Love Guru's studio) had New Line Cinema (Austin Powers' studio) sign agreements that they didn't own the character.

Anyway, one more thought... these sequels and prequels of films we once loved, that have been coming out lately (like Indiana Jones 4, X-Files 2 and Die Hard 4) seem to have mixed critical and box office results.  Not only do I want to hear from you about a 4th Austin Powers movie, but I'd love to hear what you think of all these sequels and prequels to movies that have been out of sight, out of mind for a decade or more.  I feel nostalgic, but I'm getting kinda tired of it.

However, here's a sequel I'd love to see: The Thing 2, starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter.  'Nuff said!

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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