Austin Powers 4 Still Happening

Yes, the much-speculated 'Austin Powers 4' is still happening. Read here for the details on which stage of development the film is currently in

Remember awhile back there was talk of another Austin Powers movie? You'd forgotten about the prospect of it, hadn't you? Well, it's time to start thinking again about the world of "The International Man of Mystery," as it looks like another Austin Powers is still in the works.

Last we reported on Austin Powers 4 was back in July 2008, when Mike Myers had started writing it alongside Mike McCullers (co-writer of the second and third Powers movies). The plot was said to focus on Dr. Evil and more specifically his relationship with his son Scott... Wait, wasn't that part of the plot in every Austin Powers movie so far?...

We speculated back when that Jay Roach, director of the entire Austin Powers trilogy, would likely be back to helm Austin Powers 4, and that appears to still be the case.

Last week at ShoWest in Las Vegas, Roach was honored with the Comedy Director of the Decade Award (on top of the Austin Powers movies, Roach is best known for Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers). While chatting to the director about the award, MTV managed to slip in some questions about Austin Powers 4. Roach responded:

"[Mike Myers is] working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I'm all good for it... I love those characters."

Roach also said he was grateful to Myers for helping him get his first directing job on the first Austin Powers. I have to say, for a first-timer that was a solid movie. Other than that, those hoping for details on what the plot of Austin Powers 4 might be (beyond it concentrating on Dr. Evil and son) are out of luck. All Roach said when asked about which direction the franchise would go was, "That's hard to say... Somewhere you haven't thought of."

Hmmm... that doesn't give us much to go on but it's always fun to speculate. I'm not really sure where they can take the franchise since they've done all kinds of ridiculous things so far. Part of the fun of the movies is seeing Dr. Evil hatch one of his evil plans and Austin saving the day in the end (every time!). But can they do that once again without it just being tiresome?

Hell, whatever he does, Myers can't exactly do any worse than The Love Guru now can he?

What do you think the plot of Austin Powers 4 should be? What can Myers do to keep the franchise fresh and funny?

There's no release date set for Austin Powers 4 (although IMDB lists it as a 2010 movie - fat chance!). Stay tuned to Screen Rant for any updates.

Source: MTV

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