Audio Leaked of Teen Mom Amber Portwood Fighting with Husband Andrew Glennon

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood

Audio leaked of Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood fighting with partner Andrew Glennon. The audio clip takes place in the car, outside her daughter Leah’s school as Andrew is driving away.

The Teen Mom OG star is no stranger to being in trouble with the law, having been in turmoil previously on a variety of different charges. On July 5, Portwood was arrested after a fight she had with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. She was arrested at her house in July and charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Glennon had called the police and insisted that Portwood had been wielding a machete at him while he was holding their 15-month-old son, James.

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Now the phone audio from the call that night has been leaked, and Portwood seemed to be the aggressor. In the audio bites (via Ok!), fans can hear a woman who is believed to be Portwood admit to hitting a man who was believed the be Glennon. In the clip, the woman makes fun of the man for being in pain by laughing at him. This third clip was recorded in August of 2018 while the couple was driving in their car, the argument seemed to have started because the woman became suddenly enraged with the man.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Teen Mom OG

The woman continued throughout the clip to call the man names and tell him that he should have just kept his mouth shut. At one point the man in the clip tried to defend himself by saying he wasn’t even speaking and trying to stay quiet when the woman is heard yelling at him telling him he is just a senile old man. The driver is then heard asking the woman if she can be quieter because the baby, presumably their son James, was sleeping in the back seat. The man then told the woman that she liked to hit people for fun. The woman once again becomes enraged and goes on a tirade saying she doesn’t hit people, and he should learn to keep his mouth shut. Sadly, that is when the man claimed to be hit as fans can hear him saying, "You just hit me, I didn’t deserve that." The woman quickly replied saying, "You did! In my head, you did! Because you’re a piece of s**t!"

While the couple has not made any comment on the audio release it does not look good for the teen mom. This new information seems to add fuel to the fire in the question of whether MTV will fire the reality star. The network would like to hold an image of a no-nonsense approach when it comes to its stars. Hopefully Amber can now see that she needs anger management to cope with her explosive behaviors.

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Source: OK!

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