Aubrey Plaza "Auditions" for Catwoman on The Late Show, Licks Stephen Colbert

Child's Play star Aubrey Plaza "auditioned" for a potential role as Catwoman in The Batman by acting like a cat and licking The Late Show's Stephen Colbert. With Robert Pattinson officially in place as the new Caped Crusader, rumors are flying fast and furious about the other Batman characters that may show up in Matt Reeves' upcoming franchise reset movie The Batman.

Though nothing has been confirmed yet, there are solid indications that The Penguin will be the main bad guy in Reeves' film, and indeed Josh Gad has already frequently thrown his name in the ring for that particular role. According to other reports, The Riddler could make his DCEU debut in the film. One more very sketchy rumor says that Robin will have a role in the film, which would mark the Boy Wonder's first appearance in the franchise since the infamous bomb Batman & Robin. A more solid possibility, at least according to reports, says Catwoman is set to come back for the first time since Anne Hathaway portrayed the character (more or less) in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

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If indeed Catwoman is set to be a part of The Batman, Child's Play actress Aubrey Plaza has made it known that she would be game to take on the role. In an appearance last week on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Plaza reiterated her previously reported love for Catwoman, and even professed her affection for Halle Berry's Catwoman movie, an unusual opinion to be sure. The actress then went on to demonstrate her feline impersonation abilities with a little help from Colbert and some handy props. See Plaza's hilarious Catwoman "audition" below (it begins at around the 6:50 mark):

Plaza's amusing display of feline abilities includes batting at a toy dangled by Colbert, drinking water from a dish and swiping at Colbert's face. Then, a very committed Plaza takes things to the next level by crawling on top of Colbert's desk and proceeding to lick his face, much to the host's delight. In a sudden mood swing truly worth of a cat, Plaza then starts making strange noises and attacking Colbert. Of course, Plaza previously channeled Catwoman in her indie movie Ingrid Goes West, in which she seduced her Batman fan landlord by dressing up as the feline character.

Whether Plaza's Late Show display is enough to impress The Batman director Matt Reeves and the powers that be at Warner and DC remains to be seen. At the very least, Plaza has demonstrated her enthusiasm for the role, and her willingness to do just about anything to prove that she has what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry as the new Catwoman.

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Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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