What To Expect From Atypical Season 4

Will Netflix release Atypical season 4? Created by Robia Rashid, the series follows the journey of an autistic teenager. Here's what to expect next.

Aytpical Season 3 Netflix

Here's what viewers can expect from Atypical season 4, should Netflix decide to renew the series release. Created by Robia Rashid, the series follows the journey of an autistic teenager who is fascinated with Antarctica and penguins. Atypical season 3 premiered on Netflix in November 2019. 

In Atypical season 3, Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist) enrolls in college and initially struggles during social situations. After receiving advice and guidance, he thrives with art projects and even loses his virginity to long-time love interest Paige Hardaway (Jenna Boyd). Meanwhile, Sam’s parents, Doug (Michael Rapaport) and Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), reflect about what exactly went wrong in their marriage. Sam’s sister, Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine), feels loyal to her kind-hearted boyfriend Evan Chapin (Graham Rogers), but ultimately gives into her feelings for classmate Izzie (Fivel Stewart).

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Atypical season 3 concludes with Sam attempting to save a relationship. In the process, though, he skips a midterm Ethics test, which could ruin his immediate collegiate goals. Here’s everything we know about Atypical season 4 on Netflix.

Atypical Season 4 Renewal


Since Atypical season 3 released on November 1, 2019, Netflix likely won’t make a renewal announcement for three to six weeks - the standard time after new seasons release. Critic reviews have been mostly positive for Atypical thus far, but Netflix may ultimately look to viewership numbers when considering a new installment. In addition, Netflix often cancels shows after 2-3 seasons, which means that Atypical season 4 isn’t exactly guaranteed. Expect Netflix to make a decision before Christmas 2019.

Atypical Season 4 Release Date

Amy Okuda in Atypical

If Netflix orders Atypical season 4 in 2019, then new episodes will undoubtedly release sometime later next year. There hasn’t been a set schedule in place from year to year, but we can reasonably predict that Atypical season 4 will theoretically premiere on Friday, October 30, 2020 or shortly thereafter before winter. For context, Atypical season 3 was ordered by Netflix in October 2018 and released just over one year later. With Atypical season 4, the production process may be streamlined to align with a year-by-year schedule.

Atypical Season 4 Story

Atypical Netflix

Atypical season 3 ends with all of the main characters resolving their immediate relationship issues. Sam renews his friendship with Zahid (Nik Dodani), who nearly elopes but decides to attend nursing school. Sam’s parents choose to renew their relationship, and sister Casey pursues a romance with Izzie while managing to sustain a friendship with Evan.

For Atypical season 4 on Netflix, the major conflict will likely revolve around Casey’s collegiate track dreams at UCLA and Sam’s decision to become Zahid’s roommate. With the Gardner parents back together, the Atypical season 4 narrative can focus mostly on the children’s hopes and fears, and how they address personal and professional dilemmas.

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