Atypical Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix

Atypical Netflix Keir Gilchrist as Sam

Atypical has been renewed for season 3 at Netflix. The family drama/comedy just premiered season 2 last month, which was met by warm reviews by critics. The Netflix original series is centered on the character Sam, a high school student with autism, and it follows him and his family as they navigate their lives.

Atypical season 1 first aired back in August 2017 and was met with varied reviews, with some critics praising the series’ representation of autism while others pointed out some pitfalls the TV show fell into. Season 2 was largely praised for its improvement of how it chose to represent autism and its choice to complicate the character of Sam’s sister, Casey, by teasing in season 2’s finale that that she might have a female love interest in the future. And now it looks like Netflix plans on continuing the story with another season.

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Netflix announced its decision to renew Atypical for season 3 through a video released on social media on Wednesday. The video, which relives one of season 2’s more memorable moments when Sam shows his family a video of a hatching baby penguin, reveals the news of Atypical’s upcoming season 3 just as a newborn penguin breaks free of its egg. Atypical season 3 will be made up of another collection of 10 half-hour episodes.

Atypical is written by Robia Rashid (How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace), who also works as one of the show’s executive producers, alongside Seth Gordon and Mary Rohlich (The Goldbergs, Horrible Bosses). Importantly, Atypical uses the aid of Michelle Dean through its production, a doctor who has worked extensively in autism research. The series stars Keir Gilchrist in the leading role of Sam, with Brigette Lundy-Paine playing his sister, Casey, and Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport playing his parents, Elsa and Doug, respectively. The full cast for season 3 has not yet been confirmed.

The decision to renew Atypical comes at an interesting time for Netflix. Earlier this month, the streaming giant dropped the bombshell that not one but two of its major Marvel series were cancelled: Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The cancellations have prompted speculation over what direction Netflix will take in the future and what fates lie in store for its other original series. But no matter where Netflix decides to go in the near future, Atypical fans will be happy to know that the series is here to stay.

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Atypical season 2 releases on Netflix in 2019.

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