'Attack on Titan' Live-Action TV Series in Development

Satomi Ishihara in 'Attack on Titan'

Universe-building is currently all the rage these days in Hollywood. Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe culminated in a billion-dollar box office take for The Avengers back in 2012, studios have been clamoring to duplicate that success.

However, when a live-action Japanese production based on the popular manga series Attack on Titan was announced, there was no indication that the project would be part of a larger plan. As it turns out, this new film is just the beginning.

According to Anime News Network, an Attack on Titan live-action show is in the works. Focusing on a new story set within that world, the series - which will be available on the dTV streaming video service in August - will tie in to the two live-action films on the way and star Satomi Ishihara (pictured above) as Hanji.

The actress is only one of several cast members from the films who will also be appearing on the TV show. Nanami Sakuraba, Shu Watanabe, Rina Takeda and Ayame Misaki will also return in their respective roles. Yūta Hiraoka will also be joining the cast as a new character.

Attack on Titan movie images

The two live-action films have yet to be released, but this television project may be a sign that director Shinji Higuchi - who will also direct the show - has come up with an approach to the source material that could satisfy Attack on Titan's growing fanbase. Moreover, creator Hajime Isayama has reportedly been supervising the project, which will both adapt the story from the manga as well as expand on it with new character and enemies.

For those unaware, Attack on Titan follows the ongoing battle between humanity and giant monsters known as "titans." The franchise has become something of a phenomenon since the original series was released in 2009, leading to four spinoff manga, a 2013 anime series and two compilation anime films. A second season of the anime series is set to air next year, and with the live-action films (and now television series) coming later this year, there's no telling just how big this property could become in the next year or so.

Are you excited that Attack on Titan is set to become an integrated live-action universe? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.


The live-action Attack on Titan films will hit theaters in Japan in July and August 2015, with the television show also set to premiere on dTV in August.

Source: Anime News Network

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