Attack On Titan: How Tall Is The Colossal Titan?

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It's arguably Attack On Titan's most famous monster but how tall is the Colossal Titan? Attack On Titan began as a manga in 2009 and has bloomed into a worldwide cult hit. The story takes place in a world where man-eating giants dubbed Titans caused humanity to retreat behind the safety of walled cities. This peaceful haven doesn't last forever though when the Titans suddenly reappear and breach the outer wall. The survivors regroup and must fight back against the Giants, whilst trying to figure out where they came from and what they want.

The Attack On Titan anime series became an instant hit in 2013, and while the premise may sound somewhat outlandish, it also features rich characters, great action sequences and genuinely shocking deaths. The franchise later received a two-part live-action movie adaptation in Japan in 2015. While the Attack On Titan movies brought the Titans to life in a remarkably creepy fashion, the movie's received mixed reviews, with fans feeling they did a poor job capturing the tone of the franchise. There might also be an English language live-action movie, with director Andy Muschietti (IT: Chapter 2) boarding the project in 2018.

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The giants seen in Attack On Titan are often humanoid and move in eerie ways. Neither the manga nor the anime shy away from the gruesome results of a character being devoured by a Titan either. The most iconic of them all is the Colossal Titan, who is responsible for breaching Wall Maria and kicking off the story.

The Colossal Titan is a towering monster that reaches over 60m in height. Its appearances is that of a Hellraiser-esque skinned human being, and it emits a massive amount of steam. Despite the monster's popularity, it has only appeared sparingly throughout the franchise. Its true identity is something of a mystery for much of the series until it's finally revealed to be Bertolt Hoover, a meek member of the Scout Regiment and former friend of the main character Eren Jaeger. Armin, another member of the Scout Regiment, would later inherit the Colossal Titan's power.

The very first episode of Attack On Titan uses the size of the Colossal Titan to chilling effect, as it towers over Wall Maria before breaching it. Bertolt is also best friends with Reiner Braun, who is later revealed to be the Armored Titan, another iconic monster from the series. The Colossal Titan tends to appear on most artwork promoting the franchise and is a major element of Japan's 4D attraction Attack On Titan: The Real.

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