Attack on Titan Season 2 Trailer - Titans vs Titans

Attack on Titan was a surprise hit when it released in Japan back in 2013 and has since made waves worldwide among the anime-loving community. The post-apocalyptic tale features the surviving members of humanity, walled into a stronghold and fighting for their lives against an army of seemingly mindless ravenous giants. While the manga series has quietly continued over time, the anime series stalled after its action-packed first season, with word only recently released that a second season will receive an April 2017 premiere date.

Season 1 ended with a number of enticing cliffhangers. With Eren's Titan battle wrecking the Stohess district and Titans revealed within the walls of the city, there are sure to be a number of unpleasant political turns and other major revelations to come.

Courtesy of Funimation comes the very first official trailer for Season 2 [see above], and it's sure to leave fans with a lot to chew on. ( also has a version with English subtitles.) Here is Funimation's official statement concerning the trailer:

"Attack On Titan is set to return in April 2017. See the first glimpse of the new season here in this official promotional video from Kodansha! New titans, new locations, and new human warriors, as well as many familiar faces come into play this time around."

Attack on Titan Season 2 - Titan Head Landing

True to their word, there are a number of enticing reveals in the trailer, many of which are already understood by those up to date on the manga. Captain Levi has a conversion with the troublesome Minister Nick from the Church of the Wall, who called for Eren's execution. An impish Titan is seen fighting against its human-chomping brethren. The hairy Beast Titan is seen toying with a member of the Scout Regiment. Eren (in Titan form) also appears to have lost his hand in a fight with the overwhelmingly stronger Armored Titan. There are also a number of new faces fighting against the beasts. Whether or not they'll feature heavily in the second season, or simply be Titan fodder (or both) is yet to be seen. There are also a couple of megaton reveals in the dialogue: "Titans have been protecting us from other Titans this entire time," as well was, "She’s still unaware, but she does have the right to know the wall’s secret and reveal it to the public if she so wishes."

Are you excited for Attack on Titan's continuing fight for human survival? Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the series as they hit.

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