'Attack the Block' Trailer #2 - Teens Vs. Aliens

Attack the Block Movie Trailer

Those that kept tabs on the 2011 SXSW Film Festival last month know there were two titles shown that generated a whole lot in the way of positive buzz: the ensemble comedy Bridesmaids - which hits U.S. theaters in May - and the low-budget action/comedy Attack the Block, a sci-fi flick that Screen Gems picked up for distribution a few weeks ago.

Attack the Block marks the feature-length directorial debut of Joe Cornish, who previously collaborated with Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz filmmaker Edgar Wright on the script for this winter's Adventures of Tintin - and is currently working with Wright on the Ant-Man movie screenplay.

Shaun/Hot Fuzz alumnus Nick Frost also plays a supporting role in Attack the Block. It's a film that (like Wright's) in part parodies the clichés of a specific genre movie - here, an alien invasion pic - but also works on its own as a unique entry in said genre. That's a difficult line to walk, but early word is that Attack the Block does just that - and then some.

Here's a basic synopsis for Attack the Block:

Set on a council estate in South London on Bonfire night, the film follows a gang of youths, Moses (John Boyega), Pest (Alex Esmail), Dennis (Franz Drameh), Jerome (Leeon Jones) and Biggz (Simon Howard). While they are mugging nurse Sam (Jodie Whittaker), a fiery object falls from the sky, crashing through the roof of a parked car near them. When they investigate, they discover a creature who was part of the meteor and kill it. Soon more aliens follow and the gang have to defend themselves from them.

Check out the second Attack the Block trailer below:

This is a shorter theatrical preview than the first Attack the Block trailer, but it still does a nice job of getting across what the film has to offer: cheesy B-movie extraterrestrial monsters, funny one-liners, and the most thick English accents you're likely to find this side of the BBC (kidding - sort of).

The filmmaking style doesn't appear quite as energetic - and the humor seems a little less sharp - than Wright's semi-parody pics, but that's a rather high benchmark to reach. Attack the Block also aims to feature much more in the way of wild entertainment than what can be shown in a regular trailer; besides, this preview alone make it look (to me, that is) more fun and less hokey even than most "serious" alien invasion movies (Skyline, you know your name).

Attack the Block hits UK theaters next month on May 13th. We'll let you know when it snags an official US release date as well.

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