Atomic Blonde Poster: Charlize Theron is Always Prepared

Atomic Blonde - Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron keeps a gun on hand at all times in the newest poster for Atomic Blonde. Just by looking at the film schedule for the next couple of months, it's clear that 2017 promises to have one of the most competitive and packed summer blockbuster seasons in recent memory. But even while surrounded by a number of highly-anticipated sequels and recognizable, brand-name titles, the Charlize Theron-led Cold War spy thriller has still managed to emerge as one of the more promising and stylish films hitting theaters this summer.

It's not hard to see why either, since Atomic Blonde not only features another killer turn from Charlize Theron as the ruthless British spy, Lorraine Broughton but is also directed by one of the most exciting up-and-coming directors in Hollywood right now, with David Leitch at the helm. And before he tries his hand at the comic book movie genre with Deadpool 2, he gets to prove his worth in the action-thriller genre once again with Atomic Blonde, following his breakout work alongside Chad Stahelski on the first John Wick back in 2014.

In anticipation of the film's release in a couple of weeks, Focus Features has unveiled a brand new poster for Atomic Blonde online today. Keeping in line with the stylish, black-and-white first poster that was released for the film, the poster features Theron's Lorraine Broughton front and center once again, this time with a gun pointed behind her back, just in case. Check out the new poster for yourself down below:

Similar to Edgar Wright's Baby Driver - which hits theaters later this year and is also shaping up to be an original action film worth checking out this summer - Atomic Blonde first premiered back in March at the SXSW Film Festival to mostly positive reviews from critics and general moviegoers. And while many of the film's complaints come from critics who accuse it of being a style-over-substance action flick, it still promises to be one of the most generally thrilling American action films in recent years.

With Leitch bringing the same choreographed fight scene techniques that he demonstrated so well in John Wick to Atomic Blonde also, it's just the latest film to prove Theron's place as one of the most genuinely charismatic and skilled action stars of her generation. That won't necessarily be news to anyone who's seen her work in Mad Max: Fury Road, but the actress' star power will likely help Atomic Blonde garner enough attention amongst audiences when it hits theaters later this July. Just in case the film's impressive hallway and apartment fight scenes weren't already enough.

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Source: Focus Features

Key Release Dates
  • Atomic Blonde (2017) release date: Jul 28, 2017
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