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Atomic Blonde - Charlize Theron

For a long time, action was a man's game as far as Hollywood was concerned. Few action movies with female leads were produced, and those that were seldom received the attention and care that their male-focused counterparts did. Thankfully, that imbalance is on its way to being corrected, with more

and more movies being produced that feature strong (and very dangerous) women in leading roles.

Wonder Woman just proved that moviegoers are ready and willing to support a female superhero, and Atomic Blonde could do the same for more down to earth (but no less heroic) warrior women.

Theron's character of Lorraine Broughton is undoubtedly awesome. She's a consummate spy operating during arguably the deadliest era in the history of espionage. She enters every room with an escape plan in mind, and when rival agents and assassins get in her way, she's usually the only one who leaves with a pulse.

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde
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